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With Earth’s light energy plummeting, all color draining from its surface, and natural disasters and a deadly plague sweeping the globe, Smishie the coconut and Palmy the palm tree must find a way to restore the rainbow magic of Infinity Isle in order to save the world.

In this episode, Smishie makes contact with the first of the Earth’s remaining Guardians, a young child who unknowingly possesses one of the eight crystal keys that hold the power to heal the planet.

But their connection is threatened when a mysterious family with secret magical powers moves into town on a mission to recover and protect the crystal keys.

As Smishie embarks on a quest to reactivate Infinity Isle’s crystal power, Palmy must find the inner strength to face the darkness alone.

Welcome to Infinity Isle, a magical land of healing that has fallen into the clutches of Lord Pine the pineapple and his corrupt government. 

Before darkness overtakes the planet, Smishie the fearless coconut and Palmy the fretful palm tree must team up to find the world’s last hope – the eight remaining Guardians of Light. 

Throughout their adventures, Smishie (“stop making it so hard –it’s easy”®) teaches Palmy and an audience of all ages how to find their inner palm trees – how to BEND, DON'T BREAK™ in the worst of life’s storms.  

An "In Ya Face" Guide to Thrive

smishIE® stands for "stop making it so hard; IT'S EASY" and teaches people of all ages how to find their inner palm tree - how to bend, don't break, even in the worst of life's storms. 

This "in ya face" guide to thrive uses quick, simple messages that will snap you into immediate focus when you are feeling drained, overwhelmed, or lost. When meditation, positive affirmations, creative visualization, and vision boards fail, 

smishIE® provides that much-needed "slap to the soul" that enables you to make peace with your current reality, refocus your energy, and face your day. 

Note: This is the abridged, family-friendly edition of the text often used in schools.
More "In Ya Face" Hugs from Smishie®

Align your chakras and snap yourself back into focus with smishIE® (stop making it so hard - IT'S EASY).  

Each "in ya face" message in this book is strategically placed on a color that corresponds to one of your seven chakras – the swirling energy centers of the body that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Many healers believe that, if your eye absorbs a particular color, it will help align its corresponding chakra – allowing energy to flow and the body to return to a state of balance and well-being.

Explore the rainbow-colored pages of this book as they call to you, and experience a self-guided, personalized healing experience like no other! 

Note: This is the abridged, family-friendly edition of the text often used in schools.